The Dangerouser Personality of Rick Gardiner


Hey there! My name is Rick Gardiner. I am a computer lover, aspiring musican, and I never turn down a nice steak. I'm 26 years old (that automatically updates btw), and am about to go back to college for Computer Engineering. I go by the pseudonym Yartch on the internet, to cover up my identity, which is working out very well for me.

There are three main things that I focus on making. Music, Video Games, and Websites. They're all dear subjects to me, and have been part of my life for a LONG time. This site was made to be a catalyst for projects, to help keep me on track of what I'm doing, and to share it with whoever feels like taking a look. Feel free to send me any e-mails; my contact info is on the left.

The Working Me

I've been doing freelance web development for the past few years, mostly small projects. I am looking beyond the web for work too, and would be interested in any doing other projects, relating to any skills you see in my work on this site.

Contracts are very serious matter to me, they signify dedication to a task. I will only ever have one active contract at a time, excluding minor on-going ones. It's easy for me to focus all my attention and time on one project until it's ready to be deployed.

I like to keep my clients updated, on any schedule they prefer. I will send progress reports, samples, and any other information about the project that they would like to be updated on. Expected schedules will be discussed in the contract. Staying communicative is very important to me!

Take a look through my Projects to see what I can do. Contact me at for any work-related inquiries. I look forward to helping you shape the world!


I've been programming since a young age, and have picked up a strong understanding of the nature of it. My favourite language is C++, but sadly it can't be used for eveything (even though it seems like it can be sometimes), so I've been building an arsenal of understanding for the many languages of this world. Here's a list of the languages/APIs I am most comfortable with.


  • C++
  • Java
  • Visual Basic (For quick things, like GUIs to track IP adresses)
  • Python


  • HTML(5)/CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript (I use jQuery!)
  • ActionScript 3

APIs for Games

  • Irrlicht (Graphics)
  • DirectX 9 & 11
  • XAudio2

Disappointingly, I don't program every piece of software I use. Here's a list of programs that I use to make stuff with. If there are any programs that you don't see here, that you think you should see, feel free to e-mail me at with any recommendations.



  • FL Studio 10
  • GoldWave


  • 3ds Max 2011
  • Milkshape
  • Photoshop CS5.5


  • Dreamweaver CS5.5
  • Flash Professional CS5.5
  • WampServer


I'm a big gamer, always have been. My parents got a NES when I was young, which it kept me glued to the TV. The only difference now is that it's a computer screen most of the time. The most inspiring games for me, are definitely the RPGs of the SNES era. Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasys. The concept of developing your characters' strengths is very appealing to me.

Nowadays, you'll catch me playing a lot of free online games, under the name Yartch usually. I play League of Legends, Minecraft (haven't been able to afford it yet, sorry Notch!), Team Fortress 2 and whatever MMO happens to be the flavour of the month.

I want to be as active as I can in the gaming community, but I'm not quite sure where I fit yet. Feel free to find me, challenge me, befriend me, on whatever games we have similiar interest in. E-mail or Tweet me if you want to set up a playing sesh, or find out if I even play a certain game.