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July 10, 2012

What a horrible life I have. Here's two new songs.

Horrible recording quality? CHECK. Horrible mixing? CHECK. Complete lack of care for the previous checklist items? CHECK.

Okay maybe I care a little. A few days ago I ordered a replacement cable for my headphones on eBay. Right now I'm working off of my laptop speakers, so there's not much bass. That's why there's too much bass on your speakers.

I want to make a bunch of 30 second to a minute songs, maybe like 50. They're the most fun to make. Soundcloud has a limit of 3 sets though, which I use to organize albums. I COULD pay some money and break that limit. Even if no one else ever hears my music, I'd still love to have it all on a site, nicely organized.

In gaming news, there's a new Kickstarter project for this open source console called OUYA. When I first looked at it this morning, it was at $95k. I checked back no more than 20 minutes later, and it already skyrocketed to $200k. Now 5 hours later, it's $830k. Their goal is $950k, so that'll probably be met by the time I'm even done writing this post.

This means a lot for me. An open source console means I get to make games for the TV. I've always wanted to. The only reason I even touched XNA was because of it's Windows/Xbox 360 compatibility. Turns out there's licenses and stuff you need to even test the games. Screw that. On a related note, I started making a flash game.

State of the art graphics indeed.
State of the art graphics indeed.

It doesn't look like much now, because it isn't. The general concept behind it is to try to simulate a MOBA or something in a turn-based setting. Here's what's done so far. (I'm really into long link captions today apparentz.) You have to plan 3 actions per turn. This means you have to guess what your opponent is going to do. For example, if you try to attack a unit that's about to move, they will dodge, but if they move back to attack you, and you attack them first, they will get hit and will be stunned for the rest of the turn. All these ideas are loose right now and will probably need a lot of balancing.

Okay that's all for now. I need to get to work before my boss kills me.