The Cyborg Ego of Rick Gardiner
August Schmaugust
August 3, 2012

Time is speeding up exponentially. A month used to feel like a month, now it feels like a week. I don't know if this is because the laws of physics are changing, or this is just some age thing.

So I finally bought Minecraft last week... um, month. I'd been pirating it since then. All apologies to Notch and the Mojangstas. So to celebrate, I made a skin!

Stylin' to the MAX
Stylin' to the MAX

Haven't played much since buying it, mainly because I'm waiting for the Mod API to drop. Very interested to see what they do with the vanilla game after the whole world defaces it in their own face.

Zapper is approaching the half done point! Got 16 out of the 50 songs done. I really didn't realize how hard it was gonna get. I listen to it almost every day just to try to keep a good direction on it. I'm noticing the sounds of the songs are almost grouped up by tuning. It started in standard tuning, but after breaking the high E sting 4 tracks in, I started experimenting with tunings. Honestly, I have to go back and figure out some of the tunings I've used, but I've been writing them down since track 12. Here's the latest song.

All my time has been going to work lately. Can't wait to have this site I'm working on get to it's Alpha stage. So, I gotta get to that. Got 20 hours to do in less than 3 days, wish me luck!