The Internet Personality of Rick Gardiner
The Caffeine Age
July 7, 2012

Why hello there! The past few weeks have been a little hectic. I've went through a few phases of being diurnal to crepuscular to nocturnal back to diurnal. I'll thank the caffeine and deadlines for that.

The site I'm working on for work is almost ready for it's Alpha phase. It's a little scary because I have no idea who will be testing it, and how badly they'll burn me on everything. I've only ever had my bosses look at and use my code, so having strangers trying to use it like a realy web app is intimidating. I'll post the site up here once it's publically released, glad to finally have something to put in my projects!

There's a secret subdomain on this site too. I'm working on some tools that'll help coders. Right now there's a Matrix/Vector calculator ready, and I'm working on a CSS from HTML extractor thing. I'll post it after it fills up a little more.

In the game dev part of my life, I've starting lurking on #GameDev again. I forgot how enjoyable IRC is. There was some talk about 3D modelling, and how horrible all programmers are at it. This led to to someone showing me Sculptris. It's the free version of ZBrush. I've played around with it a little, here's what I pooped out.

No, I'm not buying you new underwear.
No, I'm not buying you new underwear.

I might've said this last post, but I've got Irrlicht and Havok working together. It's just a ball that drops on to a cube right now. DC Universe Online has really made me realize how physics can really make a combat system dynamic. Being thown around while stuck in an ice cube really tickles my fun. I might try to make a small fighter game with the same philosophies in mind. Anyways, I know you're dying to see, MY DCUO VILLAIN!!!

Yartch, defender of DEATH
Yartch, defender of DEATH

One last game related thing. I got a DotA 2 invite a week or so ago, and have been playing a few games a day. Obviously I'm comparing every single aspect of it to League of Legends (including the price, good move Valve). There are a lot of big differences in the game engines obviously, the most crucial seeming to be targetting and moving. Getting last hits feels 493 times harder, and chain casting spells isn't working like I want it to. This game sucks. Not really though. I'll give better thoughts after I see more of the heroes in action. Right now though, it seems DotA's heroes are way more OP than League's champs. And League is starting to feel more like a DotA ripoff.

Music-wise, I've just been practicing stuff, nothing really new. I'm making an improv noise album. EQ has been my downfall in recording my actual stuff, so I'm making this just as a SCREW YOU to my recording quality. And yeah, I do enjoy making/listening to this stuff. Timbres and textures really make me feel the music, so packing speakers full of them is my cup of tea. Here's one of the two songs I have done. Expect 3 more within the month.

Excuse the length.

These first two songs are both just guitar and pedals, but the pedal order is switched between the songs. This makes a bigger impact than you'd think, TRUST. I've got the next two planned. More pedal switches, and using my bass and Korg instead of guitar.

There's a summary of what I've been up to. As usual, trying to put out more posts. One a month is kind of boring, and will make me seem lazy, which I'm TOTALLY not. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I changed this site's ugly yellow to a more off-white. How did I think that colour was okay to exist.