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Classics and Crawlers
July 13, 2013

I've been dabbling my feet in a lot of projects lately, but I just got a job a few weeks ago so my off-time has been even more lazy than usual. Since I have a job now, I've been able to funnel some money into Steam. And holy jeezy wheez was I surprised to see a couple games on there. Final Fantasy 7 and Sonic Adventure 2. I've been craving some FF7 for a long time, but unfortunately haven't played it yet. I need like 50 hours dumped into it at once, and I have other things I wanna do right now. Sonic on the other hand, is good to play in short bursts (and it was 50% off, thanks Gaben). Obviously there was only one part of the game I really cared about...

I woke him up from a nap to take this pic.
I woke him up from a nap to take this pic.

This here is ??Mo?. He loves long runs on the beach and climbing mountains. Everything in Sonic revolves around getting stuff for your Chao, every ring you collect, every emblem you unlock. I totally forgot how fun the actual game is because all I remembered was how much I did for my Chao. The stages are really well done from a game design perspective. There is a nice rotation of different gameplay in each level, but they all have similarities and missions that go toward a common cause. Which is Chao obviously.

I wanna share a couple links before I start talking about my latest major project. First, I added a new link to the sidebar. It's to Monolith, a community website with original articles and a bunch of other stuff, like a stream. I'm gonna start making smaller, less personal posts here, once things get going with my project. And the second link, just look at this before you start on the next paragraph.

So the project I'm working on right now is a Dungeon Crawler. Hopefully you clicked that link up there, and noticed an album of level generation pictures. There will be 50+ pieces for the alpha, that the level generator can use to create dungeons. Chests, monster groups, keys, and collectables will all be spread throughout the levels. There isn't too much to show now, as progress is going pretty slow at the moment. So here's a screenshot I just took to give this post a little more content.

Yes, I am using the collision boxes as meshes for now.
Yes, I am using the collision boxes as meshes for now.

I'll make more posts later for more detail about the game. There is other stuff semi-done for it that I don't wanna get into detail about now. I'll be posting screenshots and updates on Twitter and Monolith, more than I will be on this site.

As for other projects. Music, I've been making more songs lately that don't really fit with any other project I have going at the moment, so I might just put them on soundcloud, all alone. I started making a Tower Defense too, but didn't see much potential in it so it's gonna be a side-project for my portfolio that I'll get to eventually. Superlympics 3D isn't canceled, it was just too big for a first real game. I have some cool plans for it though, involving some cross-platform play.

Thanks for reading, happy days!