The Internet Ego of Rick Gardiner
April 3, 2012

Okay, I guess I'm gonna just write a couple more posts that show the background behind what I do. Last time it was game dev, this time... MUSIC!!! Since I'm actually probably going insane, let's start with the epilogue!

So after recording a bunch of music, I went through a few music hosting sites before landing on one I like. I started with MySpace obviously, way back in high school. That's where all my electro and silly music went to first. MySpace stopped being cool though, so I had to switch to Purevolume. This one is probably my second fave. The player started to annoy me after a while, so it was time to move on. This next one was the WORST idea because I'm so broke, but I wanted to host the .mp3s on this site. I KNOW RIGHT? Waste of bandwidth. All the free web hosts I tried blocked sound files from being uploaded too. So finally, I came across SoundCloud! The whole sets thing really fits me. Okay epilogue done.


March 26, 2012

So I've always thought of making 3D models as a personally impossible task. My writing has always been horrible, even deemed as "chicken scratches", and my drawing showed similar oddness. Even though this obviously means I can't do 3D stuff, the idea of trying it out stuck in my head.

There was a Warcraft 3 modding group that was looking for members. We all were active on these forums/IRC about playing and making games. They asked me to help out with a mod, and for some reason I said I could make the 3D models. I didn't really make any of the meshes, I kind of just spliced other people's stuff together. There was a LOT of text editing work. Well, I did try to make a couple meshes, but they turned out super high-poly and ugly of course. The project, just like many of mine, never got past the beginning stages.

My 3D Artistic representation of shattered hopes and dreams.
My 3D Artistic representation of shattered hopes and dreams.

FAST FORWARD. While in college, for "Computer Programm...

March 17, 2012, finally! This is like the fifth site I've tried to make for myself. Wasn't too sure if I wanted a porfolio site, or just a blog, or just a place to put my music. So, after failing a few times, I think I've got a good idea of how to make this work. I went through a few hosts, but now I'm using HelioHost and they seem to be rockin' it. 100% free and no complaints so far.

So anyways. This is my site! I will try to post on this blog pretty often, and every project I do will be put up here. Well, almost every one. I do music, web development and game programming mostly. There will be other projects though for sure! Right now the site totally sucks, but I'll be working on it over time. Thanks for visiting; I appreciate any attention I can steal away from the rest of the internet.