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A Week of Web
April 12, 2012

Sometimes Peggle is just the worst.
Sometimes Peggle is just the worst.

So, I decided to do that comic at the start of this post. I honestly don't even think it's that funny, I was just really bored, and mad at Peggle. It's one of those "serious truth" comics.

My wallet is getting kind of empty, so I have to spend the rest of the week being enslaved by freelancing. I really enjoy being able to make a few bucks without even leaving my bed. The last few projects I did went well, but it's mostly been just fixes, or small sites. Getting a job for making a full API would be the coolest thing ever right now, JUST SAYIN'.

There's also a bunch of work I have to do on this site still. So far it's been a huge roadblock not having a portfolioish site done. As a web developer, that is pretty much constitutes first 57 unforgivable sins. Now there's really only one big thing left to do, and that's styling the Projects page, and filling it up.

I finally got over myself and starting using jQuery. There is a LOT less code to type. I seriously feel like the most arrogant idiot for passing it off this long. It feels like it's worth learning JavaScript just to use jQuery now, not that I haven't learned it already.

Anyways, short post, gotta get to working! GLORY TO ALL.