The Robot Edition of Rick Gardiner
Zapper and Superlympics
July 18, 2012

THE TIME IS NEAR!!! I've titled the collection of short songs I'm making, Zapper. You probably noticed the incredibly high-tech album art above. I'm hoping to get like 50 songs on it. An hour of complete horror sounds like a great idea to me. Here's one of my faves so far.

The past few days have been jammed with game programming. It's been too long, and I've put way too much dedication towards game programming, and I have nothing to show for it. I want to prove to myself that I really can make any game that I think of, into a reality. I've always just tried to dive straight into making a big game.

A long time ago, I used to pump out a variety of things with Game Maker. Most of it's features were above my head at the time, but my drive to make games was too big. I made "RPG"s using sprites from other games. Ever since learning C++, I've been driven to make an MMO or something huge. I finally figured out, it's time to go old school again.


That's right. Huge inspiration credits go out to Math Circus. Played that game so hard in elementary school.

Superlympics will just be a collection of small games. Some will be multiplayer, and some will be singleplayer (with scoreboard though). You'll be required to make an account to save your scores and progress. A couple games will have some RPG elements to them, like choosing skills and stuff. One of those is a game I've made some progress on already, GO!!! BATTLE GO!!!.

You're controlling a flow of units against your rival. The goal is to get your units to your rival's generator, to take off health and bring them to 0. You generate units out of your own health pool, so you can't just be giving it your all the whole time.

When units collide, the bigger one will destroy the smaller one, but take damage based on the smaller one's size. There's three kind of units, which interact differently.

  • Sieges do double damage to your rival's generator. It's a bad idea to put these guys up against other units, try to protect them.
  • Stingers are the ultimate suicide bombers. If they collide with a bigger unit, the bigger unit will destroy it, but take double damage. This means if a stinger with a size of 3, collides with a unit with a size of 6, both units will be destroyed.
  • Tanks only take half damage when they destroy a smaller unit. They'll still be destroyed if interacting with a bigger unit though.

There's still some kinks and balance to work out obviously. I came up with most of this while sitting on the toilet. Multiplayer is next on the agenda, and then comes the RPG elements I mentioned earlier.

Zapper and Superlympics are getting their own projects pages! This means I can take down the fake website one I made, because I was embarrassed of only having one project. You can try out Superlympics, or listen to Zapper right now!